Carlos Primo has been working on a series of seascapes which showcase waves as the central theme in his paintings. 

As a lifelong, self-motivated artist, Carlos has developed a realist style of painting.  


Carlos worked from his studio at The Foundry Artist Studios in Carlsbad, CA from 2013 until the studios were closed in May 2021. Carlos is a member of the Carlsbad Village Association and continues to paint at home.

While at the Foundry Studios at New Village Arts, Carlos and other Foundry artists contributed their time and talent in 2018 and again in 2019 to The Hands of Peace art mural project in which American, Israeli, and Palestinian youth express their vision of peace and understanding by creating colorful murals on canvas.  


Carlos has donated his time and art to one of Carlsbad’s local elementary schools by painting a mural in the library depicting a range of characters from children's books. 


A second project at the school, and most ambitious, was named “Doors to Education” in which sixteen classroom doors were painted showing moments in history, science, and literature.  It proved to be his most memorable project to date.