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Carlos Primo is a lifelong self-taught artist based in Carlsbad, California. Carlos's artistic focus centers on seascapes, where crashing waves take center stage. 

He seeks to capture the raw power and serenity of the ocean through his realist style of painting.  From 2013 to 2021, Carlos operated his studio/gallery in the heart of Carlsbad Village.  Within those walls, he transformed blank canvases into vibrant oil paintings.  Visitors would witness the fusion of creativity and commerce, the birth of each artwork followed by its journey into the hands of appreciative collectors.  Carlos's dual obsessions, body surfing and art, converged seamlessly.  The same ocean that fueled his exhilarating rides on waves also inspired his brushwork.  His studio/gallery became a sanctuary where the ocean and painting converged. Beyond his studio, Carlos engaged in a remarkable project.  Alongside fellow artists, he contributed time and talent to the Hands of Peace mural initiative.  Israeli, Palestinian, and American youth joined forces, expressing their shared vision of peace and understanding through vibrant murals.  These collaborative artworks adorned public spaces, bridging cultural divides with color and hope.  Carlos's generosity extended to a local K-6 school.  In their library, he painted a mural featuring beloved characters from popular children's books.  But his most ambitious project unfolded across sixteen classroom doors.  The Doors to Education mural series depicted pivotal moments in U.S. History, Science, and Literature.  Carlos reflects on these projects as his most memorable.  Each brushstroke, each shared vision, and each classroom door became a testament to creativity's power.  Through art, he not only captures waves but also leaves an indelible mark on hearts and minds.

Join Carlos Primo on his artistic odyssey, a journey where waves crash against canvas, cultures converge, and creativity knows no bounds.

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